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July 15, 2012
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Papaya Syndicate: Aoife Collins by just-sora Papaya Syndicate: Aoife Collins by just-sora


WHY AM I DOING THIS?? I DON'T EVEN :iconcannotevenplz:
:icontwisted-bat: GOT ME INTO IT! BLAME HER.:lmao:


Name: Aoife [pronounced like Eve] Collins
Codename: Blueberry
Class: Hitman
DOB: 19/10/2070 (27 years old)
Sex: female
Nationality: Irish
Height: 5'6'' (167cm)
Weight: 130lbs (59kg)

some of the following things are subject to change as story and RPs go on.

A woman of few words who prefers to have an overview of the situation before acting. She'll wait silently and watch until she has figured out every possible threat and alternative she can think of. Aoife is rather patient and can sometimes seem merciless because of her calculating way of facing problems. She prefers to work alone or in a small group that lets her do things her own way. If they pester her too much, she'll go and try to solve the mission like she planned. She will not make a scene, though, she will more likely just leave.

Positive Traits:

+ Reliable: Aoife will do anything to finish her job. Period. Even if it means that she might get killed she will try to fulfil her task nonetheless she tries to avoid that, though.xD
+ Patient: Can wait hours for her target to show up. Sitting still on one place without moving a muscle is a piece of cake for her.
+ Loyal: Will never give away any secret you tell her, unless it's supposed to harm people she cares for. Stands loyal to Novak Industries as long as they're helping her to find her brother.
+ Quick Minded: Can think of ways to kill people nobody would ever come up with...(lol)
+ Good eyesight: Has eyes like a hawk. very convenient at her favourite position, the Sniper.
+ Independent: Tell her, who her target is and she will take care of the matter. Always has a backup plan.
+ Agile and Quick: keeps herself fit for the sake of her job, in case she needs to get away from somewhere swiftly.

Negative Traits:

- Emotionally blunt/cold: Rarely shows emotions, thus she seems really cold and indifferent to anything.
- Withdrawn: Doesn't like to talk about her past, her feelings, her family or anything that concerns her. Don't try to push her into that, you'll regret that.. :icondeathstareplz: She'll eventually open up to somebody she really trusts but that's difficult to achieve.
- Smoker: goes nowhere without a pack of cigs. Likes to make her waiting time pass with rolling new cigarettes.
- Loner: doesn't like big crowds short of hiding in them during a job. Also she'd rather read a book or clean her weapons than talk about trivial things with people she doesn't even know.
- Not easy to work with on a job She doesn't give a rat's ass about what you do but if you don't let her do the job how she wants to, she'll just walk away and do it. If you crossed her too much, you might end up getting a black eye at least If you let her be, though, she might be cooperative.:lmao:
- Insomniac: wakes at the smallest of sounds
- Rigid: Will not back down if anything goes against the grain for her. Will either walk away and do her own thing or you'll get punched, easy as that.


Our little story begins in Ireland - the Emerald Isle.
Aoife's parents lived in a small village near Dublin, running an even smaller sheepfarm, one of the last ones in that area. On the 19th of October 2070 Aislinn Collins died after giving birth to twins. What a cruel fate for her husband Sean who, although gifted with a son and a daughter, lost his beloved wife. In honour of her Sean named his children as Aislinn planned to do: Aoife and Liam.
Though he loved both of his kids dearly he could not handle the loss of his wife. He began to drown his sorrow in booze, loosing more and more money until he was not able to keep the farm anymore. A towny who craved for the peace of the countryside bought it for a song and with barely any money left the Collins moved into a cheap appartement located in the Northside of Dublin.
Aoife and Liam were about seven by then and suffered from their Da's inability to care for them. They had barely any food because the prices had shot skyhigh and they couldn't afford to buy anything or Sean was just too drunk to notice. Though he never turned abusive the siblings began to rather leave the house and look for something edible than bein stuck in the tiny appartement. Even though it was not easy to get over the day, Aoife and Liam got along just fine, yes they were even a little happy sometimes.
Until one day when the siblings came home the police and a woman from the youth welfare office were waiting outside the house, telling them that their father had died in a car accident.
After some argy-bargy about the paperwork the twins were put into a foster family who despite their kindness were rarely at home.
Life went on, economy went more and more to hell and Aoife and Liam, both nearly 18 now, went anywhere BUT to school. The things they taught there was anything but the truth and the both of them knew everything they needed to survive. They made friends with a small group of teenagers who had as skilled fingers as them. Together the youths made fun of adults, ran through the streets and backyards and built like some kind of headquarters where they would meet up every now and then and share their goods with each other.
Everything went bad when Liam decided to go on a ramble alone. He never came back.
Aoife was devastated and furious when the police simply filed his case away to the other numerous missing persons, telling her there was nothing else they could do. She set out to look for him herself but every lead she found went cold eventually. Time passed, Aoife grew older, learned to survive on her own, learned to fight and to kill. When she heard that Novak Industries was supporting the search for those missing persons she immediately moved to Eridanus and applied for a job at Novak Industries.

What brings us to the present.


:bulletgreen: her weapons
:bulletgreen: the smell of gun grease and gunpowder
:bulletgreen: quite, wide, open places
:bulletgreen: the sea
:bulletgreen: Tea, she's a total sucker for it
:bulletgreen: high places
:bulletgreen: did I already mention her weapons?


:bulletred: Coffee, even the smell of it makes her retch
:bulletred: pushy people
:bulletred: being into narrow rooms for too long
:bulletred: hates it when somebody touches her things... especially her guns... DON'T TOUCH THEM EVEEERRRR!!!!
:bulletred: sleeping the day away
:bulletred: loud and noisy places


:bulletorange: early bird, even if she only slept two hours during the night she will not sleep longer than 8am.
:bulletorange: basic medical knowledge
:bulletorange: master in disguising herself
:bulletorange: skilled in Martial Arts
:bulletorange: poor eater, often skips meals and doesn't really care for healthy food
:bulletorange: meditates every now and then
:bulletorange: Basic Equipment: Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle ([link]), Beretta M92 ([link]), Combat Knife (not shown, similar to this one: [link]), First Aid Kit (not shown), slim wire rope (not shown), sound supressor on both guns are optional and depend on the mission
:bulletorange: knows a lot of colourful curses and uses them when the shit hits the fan
:bulletorange: ambidextrous

:bulletorange: Room Number: V9
:bulletorange: Roommates: Xavier Shu, Saphia Lance, Elizia Chert

Prompt Response #4: Your character is on a mission for the syndicate when they are suddenly ambushed by two or three hostiles who attempt to kill the character by gunfire. Show how your character reacts, what actions they take and how they would deal with this type of situation -- Please keep the objectives of the corresponding classes in mind!


"It'll be an easy job, they said. Just the fucking target, they said. In and out, no fucking problem, they said. Yeah easy my ass, idiots." Aoife cursed through gritted teeth, shoving a new mag into her Beretta. She pressed her back against the thin office wall, thoughts racing through her brain. Her target was already dead but on her way out of of that office building the young woman was ambushed by two thugs who apparently were either hired to kill her or any employee of Novak Industries they would come across. They were amateurs though, pathetic shooters and without any plan how they wanted to kill her. They just opened fire as soon as they had seen her. Aoife snorted dismissive and made a run for the next tiny office cube in that large open-plan office when a gunshot ringed out from behind her. With a stinging pain shooting through her right arm she dove headlong sideways into another partition, hearing a triumphant yell from the aisle. "Son of a Bitch." Aoife scowled, ripped a piece of her shirt off and tied it tightly around her bleeding arm. She hadn't payed enough attention. The men had circled around the large open plan office and wanted to approach her from her back. "I got that bitch, Garret." one of those blokes shouted and she could hear them come running along the aisle. "Yeah you wish." she murmured, pulled her knife from its sheath and made sure that she had a round in the chamber of her Beretta. Then Aoife quickly got to her feet, hid in the corner close to the aisle and waited for them to come into that compartment. When the men passed her, she quickly jumped behind the hindmost, pressing her knife to his throat and shooting the other one in the head with the same fluid motion. The stocky man writhed in her grip, grasping after her hand. "Fuck you, stupid bitch!" Unimpressed she kicked him in the knees and dragged her knife through the soft skin of his throat. "Téigh transa ort féin, tuilli.*" her voice sounded indifferent and oddly eerie in the empty office when the body fell to the floor with a dull thud. The hitwoman (is there a female form of that word?Ö__o) checked her bloodsoaked bandage again and made a disapproving sound. "Mac an donais!**" she cursed silently, put her Barrett onto her back and left the office building while scolding herself mentally for not paying enough attention.


And the online-time-question.. well I'm online everyday and I'm positive that my amount of RPtime will increase rapidly with Aoife.xD Though I'm more a fan of RPing in Skype.

*Go fuck yourself, bastard.
**Damn it.
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